Cartoon Junkies
Battle Born is practically synonymous with “Vegas punk rock.” [Read More...]
Battle Born (melodic punk) stream “Waiting” off upcoming EP
For those not familiar with the band, imagine if Ignite was signed to Fat in the mid 90′s. Or just stream the damn song – it’s good! [Read More...]
Guilty By Association / Battle Born / Holding On To Sound / Permanent Failure @ Yayo Taco
Everyone was having fun in the place. The more Battle Born played, the crazier things got, with the once safe floor now covered in beer and broken glass and various body fluids of unknown origin. Punk Rock Goodness at it's finest. [Read More...]
Offspring – Battle Born – Terrible Things – at The Joint inside The Hard Rock Hotel – Las Vegas, NV
The night started off with a local Las Vegas band, Battle Born –great to local band makes good! [Read More...]
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