New Website OR Something About a Copyright

God damn, I guess it's was February the last time we wrote an update.  So we finally got word from The Killer's publishing company that iTunes has a problem with our The Killers single artwork.  We couldn't be more pleased and will be fighting tooth and nail for our fair use rights.  Ultimately though, the pussies at Tunecore will capitulate and we will be forced to find a new publisher.  We're playing tonight at the LVCS with US Bombs and some great locals and we are very excited.  Hitting the studio this weekend to work on a new single for the next Desert Rats comp.  Rock on.

Power Concedes Nothing

Okay! Tempe was a blast and we are all home safe. Thanks again to the boys in Shotguns n Gasoline for setting the trip up. Check out their new record on iTunes! Lots of cool stuff on the horizon for Battle Born. Saturday, March 9th we're at the new Backstage Bar & Billiards downtown with TheCore and By Deaths Design. The following week, Friday the 15th we're at LVCS with Tinglerz, Lambs To Lions and Guttermouth. Yeah those guys are pretty bad these days, but it should still be a fun show. We've been cranking out new material and are only a song or two away from starting to record the next record.


That's right, Saturday, April 13th, John will be participating in Tough Mudder with the boys from The Quitters and a gaggle of other friends. Come run with us! We are team Space Monkeys and the password on the Tough Mudder website is Quitters. Contact us if you have any problems signing up! We play tomorrow night (Friday the 18th) at The Bunkhouse with The Generators and we are STOKED. We also booked a couple late February dates in Arizona with Shotguns N Gasoline. Looking foward to our first gigs in Mesa and Tempe!

New Music - On The Way!

We've been written new music almost every week trying to get enough material ready for the next full length. We will definitely be playing a couple new tunes and will have some new merch at our next gig. The next gig on our calendar is Friday, January 18th at The Bunkhouse. We will be playing with our friends Guilty By Association and The Generators, who are pretty freaking bad ass.

Happy Halloween!

Well, it's that time of the year. If there were trees in the desert I imagine the leaves would be changing color. The gig to preserve Goldfield High School was a lot of fun. This Saturday we're playing the Punk Rock Pizza Party at the Bunkhouse with The Objex and a couple other bands. Saturday the 17th we will be in San Diego at the Shakedown Bar right by the Sports Arena. We're working on new songs and are 100% committed to getting back into the studio for a new full length right around New Years!

Fuck The Killers!

Seriously, that band is un-fucking listenable. It's like Bruce Springsteen fucked Coldplay and nobody had the good sense to terminate the pregnancy. But hey, we've been laughing our asses off for a solid week while working on the new single. Check out the free stream and if you like it, grab it from the iTunes store! It was a great weekend wrapping up production on the new tune and sharing the stage with some old friends from So Cal just a couple days after the Dead Kennedys gig.

A Packed September

It's already been a very productive month of September. Chad got married on the 1st and is now back from his honeymoon. We spent the last couple nights setting up and laying down drums for a new single we're releasing at the end of the month. We also have a couple gigs next week. Wednesday the 19th we're at the Hard Rock on the Strip with Dead Kennedys and our buddies, Guilty By Association. Just a couple days later, Saturday the 22nd, we're playing a free show at Favorites bar on Flamingo & Maryland. Nick and John are just a few weeks away from running Tough Mudder with our boys in The Quitters. Hit us up via the contact page if you wanna join our team!

Drunken Meatloaf Party

Eventful weekend. The First Friday show was great, Surrounded By Thieves and eken is dead absolutely killed it. Saturday night we celebrated Chad's last month as a bachelor with drunken tomfoolery involving a few of Las Vegas' finest strippers. It was a long night and luckily Ben's brother Jacob was prepared to feed us meatloaf when we got home at about 2:30am. That shit was legit. We have some cool gigs coming up in the next couple months. Saturday the 18th we're gonna be down in So Cal with eken, details coming soon. Then next month we're playing with Dead Kennedys at the Hard Rock Cafe on the Strip, followed by a weekend at Favorites with Christian Martucci (of Black President) and my old friend's band East of Sweden.

First Friday - August

Well it wasn't easy, but we managed to pull off our 4th of July event without anyone being injured or sent to jail. Much appreciation to all the folks that attended and indulged. There are a bunch of pictures and video up on our Facebook page, check 'em out. Our next gig will be the next First Friday after party at the Bunkhouse. Our good friends from Eken is Dead are coming out from So Cal, and our local buddies, Surrounded By Thieves, are also on the bill. The show is free and starts at 10pm. We've also been hard at work on new material. We are committed to laying down tracks for a full length record by years end. The new stuff is pretty fast and intense, hope ya'll like it!

Next Up - 4th of July Party!

The EP release was epic. But you already know that because everyone we know was there! The record and ringtone are up on iTunes. Thanks to the great bands that performed and made the night so special. Thanks to Gil at and the folks at Punks in Vegas for shooting pictures. And thanks to Turmoil Nation for shooting video of the whole set. You can see their playlist right here. Our next show is going to be a mini-festival at Camel Hump Studios. Fourth of July is technically our anniversary we're gonna have great bands and free food and beer all day long. Bring the wife and kids, come hang out at our sound stage and help us do this thing the right way!

Save the Date! - 5/12/12

So today being 4/20 and all it seems like the proper time to announce our next couple gigs. The new EP will be released the evening of Saturday, May 12th at the Bunkhouse. The night will also feature performances by our friends in Surrounded By Thieves, TheCore and The Fact Remains. A couple weeks later we'll be at the Double Down Saloon for an after-punk-rock bowling show with Guilty By Assocation, Surrounded By Thieves, Shitfaced Tattoos and Break the Cycle from So Cal. It's a Sunday night, but it'll be your last chance to bask in the nostalgic glow that is punk rock bowling.

Yeah, It's Actually Done

We got our mastered tracks back from Mr. Paul Miner this week and did our final review last night. Duplication is under way and we're just looking for the right show to release this monstrosity. The original songs will be available on iTunes immediately after the release. But because of licensing costs, the cover songs we recorded will only be available if you buy a physical copy of the album. Hard copies of the album will only be available for purchase at our shows. If you live outside the United States, hit us up on Twitter and we'll send a free link to some of the new material! Much appreciation to Camel Hump Studios for making this project happen. We're playing a backyard party this weekend and it should be awesome!

Holy Album Artwork, Batman!

Alright, so Batman doesn't actually have anything to do with this news, but some of his friends do! I know you don't believe me, but we're actually wrapping up work on the EP! We're sending tracks out for mastering, finalizing artwork, and licensing a couple cover songs. Our four new originals will be available on iTunes, but the cover tunes will only be available on the physical copy of the album. So plan on attending the release gig, 'cause this shit is ridiculous!


Welcome to 2012 everybody! We've got a busy month lined up. First, on January 21st we're at the Bikini Bar with Thousand Watt Stare (featuring former members of Unwritten Law), Deadhand and Viva Valhalla. Then we're off to So Cal for dates in San Diego (Jan 27th) and Anaheim (Jan 28th) before returning home to open for Strung Out on Sunday the 29th. We're also putting the finishing touches on artwork for the upcoming EP which should be dropping very very soon!

Join Us This Saturday!

This Saturday night (December 3rd) we will be performing at the Motor City Cafe with our friends The Quitters and Surrounded By Thieves. This will be a big night as Surrounded By Thieves releases their debut album "Prophecies of Greed." The show is 21+ and there is no cover charge. There will also be raffles for skate decks, tattoos, and much much more.

New EP On The Way!

We have been busy for the last several months, working on our next release. The new record is planned for 7 tracks, including three cover songs. Not giving away any titles yet, but amongst these covers will be included a couple of our favorite childhood television show theme songs. We expect the album to be done before years end. The entire project is being recorded and mixed at Camel Hump Studios just west of the Las Vegas Strip.

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