Battle Born was formed in 2006 by three high school and college friends. Drawing influence from a wide range of punk, alternative, metal and hardcore, Chad, Nick, and Waddle set out to make their mark on Las Vegas. After two years as a three piece ensemble, Battle Born acquired a new bass player in Ben Hernandez. With Ben's experience and Waddle taking on rhythm guitar duties, the band continued to crank out high energy music.

Battle Born released their first full length album in the summer of '09. Produced by Paul Miner (of Death by Stereo), "Stick To Your Guns" is a scathing tribute to aggressive music and life in Las Vegas. The album is characterized by fast and melodic rhythms, complimented by Chad's masterful shredding and fierce growl.

Between recording and release, rhythm guitar player Adam Waddle was replaced by John Brown, a relative newbie to the Vegas music scene. John's combination of guitar technique and aptitude for harmony have added a new layer that shines through in the band's new material.

In late 2009 Battle Born agreed to affiliate with Felony Records out of Southern California. Felony current helps to book, promote and distribute merchandise and music. Battle Born has played extensively throughout the Vegas Valley in addition to touring and appearances along the west coast. Locally the band has been featured at stages including The Cheyenne Saloon, The Joint, Wasted Space, The Hard Rock Cafe and The House of Blues. They have shared the stage with The Offspring, Strung Out, Authority Zero, Bad Brains, Dead Kennedys, Death By Stereo, FEAR, and Angry Samoans.

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